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Transform Your Sales Pitches with Scoretize

Unlock the potential of data-driven, personalized sales pitches with our advanced AI technology designed to help global marketing agencies win top accounts

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Leading Companies Trust Scoretize to Elevate their Sales Game

Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Sales Pitches with Scoretize

AI-Powered Sales Pitch Generation

Revolutionize your sales pitching game with Scoretize's advanced AI technology, designed to help you create personalized, data-driven sales pitches that win top accounts.

AI-Powered Sales Pitch Generation

Create persuasive, data-driven sales pitches automatically with the power of AI. Scoretize analyzes your target market, industry trends, and competitors to deliver winning pitch strategies.

Real-Time Data-Driven Insights

Gain a competitive edge with real-time data-driven insights. Scoretize identifies opportunities and pain points to help you craft the perfect pitch for your prospective clients.

Personalized Sales Pitches

Tailor your sales pitches to each client's unique needs with AI-generated content that speaks directly to their pain points, preferences, and goals.

Global Language Support

Expand your reach with seamless language support. Scoretize generates sales pitches in multiple languages, empowering your team to target clients across the globe.

Boosted by Open AI Chat GPT

We work integrated with the latest versions of Chat GPT, taking advantage of his assistance and support for the workflow and final pitch delivery.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Leverage the power of machine learning to continuously improve your sales pitches. Scoretize learns from past successes and failures, adapting to deliver better results over time.

See Scoretize in Action - The Ultimate Sales Pitching Platform

See how Scoretize's AI revolutionizes sales pitches in our video, helping marketing agencies win top accounts

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Scoretize Technology

The Power of AI in Sales Pitching

Data Collection and Aggregation

Scoretize collects data from multiple sources, including marketing platforms, and web analytics to create a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.

AI-Powered Analysis and Recommendations

Our AI algorithms analyze the collected data to identify opportunities, pain points, and trends. Scoretize then generates data-driven recommendations for your sales pitches.

Personalized Pitch Creation and Delivery

Based on the insights and recommendations, Scoretize creates a personalized sales pitch tailored to each client's needs. Boost your success rate with powerful, AI-generated sales pitches.

Discover Your Digital Performance Score

How Competitive and Efficient Is Your Brand in the Digital Environment?

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Digital Performance Score



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Online Reputation

Gain insights into how your brand is performing in the digital landscape with Scoretize's Digital Performance Score. Our in-house algorithm compares your brand's performance to your competitors' and generates a unique score that reflects your brand's competitiveness and efficiency. With this information, you'll have a clear understanding of which channels and KPIs to focus on to improve your digital presence and become a leader in your industry. Start improving your digital performance today with Scoretize.

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"Scoretize is simple, accessible, and in line with what the clients expect. I believe Scoretize will be the next Nilsen for digital insights."

Jean Pierre De Montalivet
Global VP, Consultant, Scoretize Advisor

"Scoretize is powered with a unique and outstanding AI which is key to thrive in a challenging and fast-moving world, unlocking unprecedented startup-like growth rates and speed to global brands"

David Vivancos
Author, CEO, NED, Keynote Speaker, Scoretize Advisor

"I am proud of what we are building, Scoretize is life-changing for every global brand. Without a digital adaptation to the new rules of the game, companies will be eliminated by the competition. Digital transformation is about changing the mindset and Scoretize is a step forward in that direction."

Miguel Machado
The Keenfolks CEO, Scoretize CEO
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