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About Scoretize

Who we are and what we do

We're Making an Impact

Key Numbers

Here are some key numbers that reflect our growth and success:


websites analysed


Market categories analysed


Hours invested in algorithm


digital Scores calculated


real time data monitoring


Of users are willing to continue after free trial

Get to Know the Talented Individuals Behind Our Innovative Solutions

Meet Our Team at Scoretize

Miguel Machado

Miguel Machado is the CEO of Scoretize and Keenfolks, a global AI agency. With expertise in trade marketing and FMCG, he empowers Fortune 500 companies through transformative AI strategies.

Iván López Gimeno

Iván López Gimeno is the COO of Scoretize. With expertise in marketing strategy, crypto, and iGaming, he drives business development and brand awareness through web3 marketing.

Alfonso Villegas

Alfonso Villegas is the CTO at Scoretize. With a background in Digital Transformation and Business, he has experience as a Data Scientist. He is fluent in Spanish and English and holds an MSc in Data Science from IE Business School.

Nicole Dias

Nicole Dias is the CPO at Scoretize with an MSc in Management from Università Bocconi. She has a diverse background in product marketing, customer experience, and project management, with international experience showcasing versatility and a global mindset.

Rubén Pérez

Rubén Pérez is a Full Stack Developer with experience in digital transformation agencies, education, and laboratory environments. He holds a Full Stack Developer certification from 4Geeks Academy España and has expertise in Git, MongoDB, and software development.

Chenxi Liu

Chenxi Liu is a software engineer with expertise in data analysis, Python programming, and artificial intelligence. With a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, she has experience in machine learning and deep learning projects.

Ana Fortuny

Ana Fortuny is a versatile professional specializing in UX/UI design, graphic and product design, and BIM management. She has a track record of implementing creative strategies and delivering high-quality results.

What Sets Us Apart

The Scoretize Advantage

At Scoretize, we are proud to offer a unique approach to sales pitch creation. Here's what sets us apart:

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Our Core Values

Driving Our Success

At Scoretize, our core values guide our decisions and drive our success. Here's what we stand for:

#1 Managing Through Data

At Scoretize, we believe in managing through data. We rely on data-driven insights to make decisions and measure success, both for our clients and our own business.

#2 Diversity

We celebrate diversity and believe it drives innovation. We strive to create a culture of inclusivity and encourage diversity in all its forms.

#3 Development

We are committed to continuous development, both personal and professional. We prioritize learning, growth, and improvement at all levels of our organization.