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Transform Your Sales Pitching Game with Scoretize

Discover how our AI-powered sales pitch generation technology can help you win more clients and close more deals

Scoretize is a cutting-edge sales pitching platform that leverages the power of AI technology to help marketing agencies create personalized, data-driven sales pitches that resonate with clients and win top accounts.

How Scoretize Works

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See how our platform's advanced AI technology analyzes data to create personalized, effective sales pitches that resonate with your target audience.

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How Scoretize's AI Technology Powers Your Sales Pitches

Learn how Scoretize's advanced AI algorithms analyze data to create personalized sales pitches that speak directly to your clients' needs

Data Collection and Aggregation

Scoretize collects data from multiple sources, including your CRM, marketing platforms, and web analytics to create a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.

AI-Powered Analysis and Recommendations

Our AI algorithms analyze the collected data to identify opportunities, pain points, and trends. Scoretize then generates data-driven recommendations for your sales pitches.

Personalized Pitch Creation and Delivery

Based on the insights and recommendations, Scoretize creates a personalized sales pitch tailored to each client's needs. Boost your success rate with powerful, AI-generated sales pitches.

Get Started with Scoretize Today

Follow these three simple steps to start creating personalized, data-driven sales pitches with Scoretize


Creating a Project

Creating a project on Scoretize is quick and easy. Simply input your domain and your competitors' domains. Our advanced algorithms will take care of the rest, with no need for internal data integration.



Get your Digital Performance Score, a one-of-a-kind indicator that reflects your brand's digital efficiency compared to your competitors. Get comprehensive reports on your digital effectiveness, monitor competitors, and receive data-driven recommendations to improve your strategy.


Generating a Pitch

Easily create a personalized 40-slide pitch deck with Scoretize's AI-powered algorithms. Impress clients with data-driven sales pitches that represent their digital audit, business objectives, market opportunity, and action plan.

Discover Your Digital Performance Score

How Competitive and Efficient Is Your Brand in the Digital Environment?

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Digital Performance Score



Social media

Paid media

Gain insights into how your brand is performing in the digital landscape with Scoretize's Digital Performance Score. Our in-house algorithm compares your brand's performance to your competitors' and generates a unique score that reflects your brand's competitiveness and efficiency. With this information, you'll have a clear understanding of which channels and KPIs to focus on to improve your digital presence and become a leader in your industry. Start improving your digital performance today with Scoretize.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to common questions about Scoretize

What value will Scoretize generate for my business?

Scoretize generates value for your business by providing data-driven insights that help optimize performance and drive growth. With our unique digital score, you can assess performance against industry benchmarks and receive actionable recommendations. Our pitch deck generation feature helps you create personalized sales pitches to impress clients and win more deals. By leveraging Scoretize's powerful insights and features, you can unlock your business's potential and achieve your goals faster.

How is the Digital Score calculated?

The digital score is generated by an expert-made in-house algorithm based on the best and worst competitors’ performance in your category.

Do I need to provide any data?

Scoretize does not require integration with internal data sources.

Is the data reliable?

Scoretize devotes constant effort and resources to provide data accuracy to its users. By collecting data through dozens of sources, it is possible to serve the user with real-time updates. While some specific numbers could be different from your internal data, the overall score is weighted and provides an accurate global understanding of where you stand against your direct competitors.

How is Scoretize different?

The vision of Scoretize is to become a reference panel in digital transformation by measuring your marketing, sales, and technology efficiency in one single score.

What kind of data I will get?

At the current MVP version, you will have access to digital marketing efficiency scores and all related channels (website, SEO, search ads, all social media channels, and reputation). And at the next Beta release will provide you with an e-commerce and Amazon audit.

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